About Red

Some of you might be wondering why I chose the name “The Beauty of Red” for my blog title. It comes from a number of meanings. I’m a redhead, and have always thought of that as an identifying feature that describes an unlimited number of things about my person. The second “reason”, so to speak, is that I am an extremely passionate person that dives straight into a great many things unabashedly. I believe that this is something that is absolutely beautiful about my personality, and that is, essentially, why “The Beauty of Red” was born.

Now to know more about me, Red. I am a twenty-something year old with an enormous amount of love to give. I love a vast number of things, but the biggest one of them all is family. I am married to a man I never thought I’d meet, let alone love and have as my own, and now I’m starting a new adventure altogether; creating a family of my own. We’re due to have our first child in October of 2018, a baby girl we’re naming Aria Dawn, and truthfully I couldn’t be more excited. It’s my greatest dream becoming a reality.

I am also extremely passionate about my spirituality, beer and wine from Michigan (my home state), music, writing, event planning, and photography. I can also be found lounging around with my home with a book in hand and a “Frozen” mug full of steaming hot Biggby coffee. If you want to know more, you just have to follow this blog! I will be sharing all of my trials and tribulations as well as things that I love. So stay tuned!


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