What If…?

I’m not someone who usually says “what if”. I’ve made choices in my life specifically because I wanted to. I can’t really say that there are many moments where I’ve thought about what could have been, but if there is one time that sticks out in my memory it’s this; I decided to leave acting. Before I had even begun really…

I decided this mostly because I felt I needed more freedom to enjoy a family of my own. Yes, I could act and still have a family. Still…I’ve wanted a family since before I knew what “dreams” were. My acting career wasn’t nearly as important to me as the thought of eventually having children and a spouse.

There are days where I wonder where I would have been today if I had stayed in it. I had a place with multiple agents, schooling at NYCDA (the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts), and an immense amount of support from those I love. I could have done it. Hell, who knows…maybe I still will. I could be a regular Peter Dinklage; who didn’t get into major cinema until he was almost in his 30’s.

While I can say that I wonder where I would have been I must tell you all that I wouldn’t change where I’m at for the world. I have a wonderful fiance, who I’m going to marry in 50 short days. I have my friends around me, encouraging me to be the happiest, healthiest I can be. I have my family who is, above all else, most important to me.

So yeah….what ifs? Who needs ’em. 😉


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