Feeling Strongly – What I Get the Feels For

I feel strongly about a lot of things. I can’t just name one of them, so stay tuned and bear with me because I’m about to ramble. It might get annoying. I’m apologizing in advance.

The first thing I feel very strongly for is animals. I’m not a spokesperson for PETA (not that I mind them…most of the time), so don’t mistake me on that one. I still enjoy a nice cheeseburger here and there. I’m talking primarily about being a voice for those animals that may end up in shelters. Dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. You name it, I advocate for neutering/spaying them. I’m didactic, and because of this I tend to learn all I can about a subject (i.e. an animal species) so that I can help educate others into making proper decisions regarding their pets. I love animals, and I want owners to make the best decisions possible regarding their furbabies.

The second I feel exceedingly strong about is spreading positivity. One of those things I like to advocate for is body positivity. I’d just like to say I’m not encouraging unhealthy eating and lack of exercise. What I am saying is that we need to spread positivity when it comes to the imperfections we have. We need to embrace them. I have cellulite on my thighs and bright red stretch marks on my hips. I got my first set of stretch marks on my chest when I was still in middle school! This doesn’t mean I’m obese nor does it mean I’ve made unhealthy choices regarding my body. They don’t affect my personality. They are a small part of the very beautiful person I am. I can’t say I always felt this way about my body, either. I was once a teenager that absolutely hated the skin she was in. I didn’t like my freckles, my “Dumbo” ears, nor did I enjoy my hourglass shape. However, I’ve grown to enjoy every single aspect mentioned and more.

Thirdly, and last but not least, I’m extremely passionate about helping others. It seems pretty simple, right? You’d think with how simple it is that we’d live in a world where there was more kindness and compassion, but alas…it is not so. That’s why I encourage others to watch videos by “Special Books by Special Kids”; which is a 501(c)3 organization that has set out to normalize the diversity of the human mind. Chris is doing an absolutely remarkable job. He shows the individuals he interviews empathy, kindness, positivity, and most of all respect. It’s a breath of fresh air, that’s for sure. You can find his website here: http://www.specialbooksbyspecialkids.org/

Please be sure to check out the website above. The videos may help you believe in humanity more, and that may help you decide whether or not you want to do the same. Help others. Smile at them. Be their friend. You never know the impact you can have on someone’s life until you try.


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